Member / Vehicle Profile...Vinny G.,
President of  Brooklyn & Queens Chapter

Vehicle Nickname: "BAYB"

Make: Chevrolet

Model: El Camino

Year: 1984  Engine: 350ci,325 HP

Special Mods: 2" Metal Cowl Hood, Grand  National 3:42 Gears, 200R$4 Tranny and shift kit, SS Rallye Stripes, American Racing Wheels, 

KYB Gold/Moog Suspension, Bluetooth with

Back Up Camera & TPS Monitors, Retro Chrome Round Mirrors.

History: Previous owner used the car as a work vehicle, scratched and badly dinged with stickers . She leaked every fluid known to man. The window sills were painted and no shortage of paint splatter, putty globs on the quarter panels. She was sanded down to bare metal and repainted as you see it now.

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